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About Gail Be

  • About Gail Be

    With her life-size fashions, Gail Be is forging her way into an entirely new art genre. The uniqueness of Be's couture fashions is that they are made completely of beads, sequins, ribbons and feathers. Little or no fabric is ever used, she beads onto beads, not onto fabric.

    Be does not draw or pre-sketch, solder or use mathematical calculations in any of her designs. She admits that she does not even know how to turn on a sewing machine and has received no formal training in dress design.


The Process

  • The Process

    In answer to my most frequently asked questions: "Since you have such a huge inventory, how do you decide what beads to work with?" "Since no one else is creating what you are with beads—Where do your unique and Very big ideas originate from?" I actually "See" or am "Shown" a necklace or dress before making it. Since I am working in a new Art Genre—Creating complete beaded costumes (using no cloth material) my most obvious method is trial and error. I explain "My Vision" to my Design Team and we work like detectives putting ideas together, seeing what works, often inventing new techniques in order to bring my designs into existence. They are the Ping to my Pong.